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DeSantis takes aim at Trump’s response to COVID-19

(NewsNation) — In his quest for the Republican party’s presidential nomination, Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is taking aim at former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 policies.

Commenting on the return of some COVID-19 public health measures, DeSantis seemingly pointed to Trump’s initial embrace of them.

“I think the root of this, why you’re seeing this pop up again is because no one has been held accountable who were the architects of these policies to begin with starting back in March 2020,” he said at a recent event.

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“Donald Trump, he’s basically saying he did everything right, and I think that means you should understand he would do the same thing all over again if put in that position. And that would be disastrous for our country,” DeSantis also said during an interview earlier this week.

The latest comments from DeSantis come at a time when the country is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases.

But while President Trump initially supported lockdowns and social distancing measures when he was in the White House, he’s taking a different tack during his current presidential bid.

“Left wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back covid lockdowns and mandates with sudden fear mongering about new variants,” Trump said in a campaign video posted to social media, adding that “we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates.”